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Elena Glassman is an EECS postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley, in the Berkeley Institute of Design, advised by Bjoern Hartmann and Marti Hearst. She earned her EECS PhD at MIT CSAIL in August 2016, where she created scalable systems that analyze, visualize, and provide insight into the code of thousands of programming students. Prior to entering the field of human-computer interaction, she earned her M.Eng. in the MIT CSAIL Robot Locomotion Group. She has been a visiting researcher at the Stanford Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab and a summer research intern at both Google and Microsoft Research, working on systems that help people teach and learn. She was awarded the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award, both the NSF and NDSEG graduate fellowships, the MIT EECS Oral Master’s Thesis Presentation Award, a Best of CHI Honorable Mention, the MIT Amar Bose Teaching Fellowship for innovation in teaching methods, and the Moore/Sloan Data Science Fellowship at the UC Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS).


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UC Berkeley Institute of Design, EECS Postdoctoral Researcher

MIT CSAIL User Interface Design Group, PhD candidate

MIT EECS User Interface Design course (6.813/831), MIT EECS Dept. Lecturer

Google, User Experience Research Intern

Microsoft Research, Research Intern

MIT Middle East Education through Technology (MEET), Computer Science Instructor

Stanford Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab, Visiting Researcher

MIT CSAIL Robot Locomotion Group, Undergraduate, Graduate Researcher

MIT Networks & Mobile Systems Group, Undergraduate Researcher

Princeton University EEG Lab, Independent Researcher

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